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The 5 generation Self-Ligating Brackets

Product Detail


1) improve the efficiency of the system and shorten the treatment time: the self locking brackets greatly reduce the internal friction of the system, use the light force correction system, improve the tooth movement efficiency, and can shorten the course of the course for more than half a year. 2) to extend the interval of diagnosis: the interval between the traditional fixed orthodontic treatment is about 4 weeks, that is to say, the patient needs to be adjusted to the hospital once a month; and the interval between the treatment of self locking brackets can be extended to 6~8 weeks, that is to say, the patient is adjusted every two months to the hospital. 3) the comfort level of patients is improved: no wire and elastic ligature, and the light weight of correction can reduce the discomfort of patients. 4) brackets are narrow and brackets are spaced wide, so they are easy to clean and have good oral hygiene and are easy to be accepted by patients.